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A Cross-Regional, Cross-Industry

Virtual Roundtable Series


Agenda & Themes


Time zone CET


Welcome & Introduction


Economical renewal - The journey towards strategic Procurement & Supply Chain

  • The collaboration between CFO and CPO. Quantifying and measuring spend management, cost savings, outsourcing and supplier evaluation.

  • If the global crises did teach us one thing, it is just how critical supply chain management is.

  • How did professionals in finance, supply chain and procurement save the day during the pandemic. What has changed in terms of competencies, organizational and priorities.


Data Analytics and Automation

  • Reduce complexity and increase flexibility to support the changing demands of the wider business.

  • The strategic value of Procurement is beyond the cost savings metrics

  • Ensuring optimal demand management and supplier choice and supporting broader economic objectives.

  • Digital tools for a more agile and resilient Supply Chain and Procurement


Resilience, Agility, Diversity and Sustainability

  • A shared CFO and CPO agenda can improve management and control of financial activities, and in turn positively impact the bottom line. Adding sustainable measurements into the operation brings a new layer of focus - any formal responsibilities and measurements in place?

  • Sustainability in procurement: economic remuneration for the sustainable reuse of its by-products instead of negotiating low prices for disposal.

  • Strategic Supply Chain and Diversity: efforts to build ecosystem partnerships that leverage new technology, improve the bottom line, and enable sustainability and diversity


Q & A Session

Note  that we reserve the right to make changes in the event agenda and speaker line-up. 

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