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Welcome & Introduction


CFOs are now strategic business leaders - do more and be more

In the last couple of years, the role of a CFO shifted from being reactive, to a more proactive part. Where CFOs used to be focussed on managing payables, receivables and accounting, they are now taking an in depth look at the profitability of business units, the business cases behind strategic investments, the terms of key-contracts. With them, the entire finance and procurement organisation turned into a strategic enabler and partner for those business units. This shift resulted in some key-changes, not in the least in terms of team-composition and required skills.


Remote teams, tools, more nimble structures and experiences

After years of centralizing all core organization-functions into big ‘shared service centers’, we were suddenly forced with mandatory remote working – pushing it back into a decentral model. But it was not a shift back in time, because many organizations had the structures in place to support remote working, while keeping the central structure. All people were part of the central organization, centrally managed, synchronized in a standard process using the same solutions and tools. That triggers the question: “what areas of a finance organization will require a continued physical central presence, versus what areas can be done by virtual teams from all across the world?”


Thinking beyond a crisis - harness the power of technology

There is light at the end of this Covid19 tunnel. The world is slowly getting vaccinated, business managers are looking to move back to the ‘old normal’. Or will it be a ‘new normal’? What have we learned from the last 12 months? Have we identified areas in which technology can ensure our business continuity? Did we adopt technology purely to overcome this pandemic, or will there still be business value beyond the crisis? What was the impact on our finance teams and the technology they use?


Q & A Session

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